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Beauty doesn't have to be expensive

There is no need to overpay to have a website that is attractive and functional. By building your site on a Wix or Shopify backbone, we can offer you a search engine optimized, mobile-responsive, and highly customizable website at an affordable price. Lumient's websites are easy to manage, so if you want to run your site yourself once it's completed, you can.

Why hire Lumient talent?

Amazing People

Our clients speak directly with the people doing the work instead of account managers.


Lumient is a small team comprised of experts, allowing us to give a fully personalized experience.

Solid Foundation

We are not interested in quick fixes that don't last. Above all, we are dedicated to creating real results.


Our different approach allows us to provide beautiful websites at extremely competitive prices.

We truly listen

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We will meet with you and create a plan which outlines how
you want your business to grow, and in which direction to take it.

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Our websites are attractive, functional and mobile optimized. We remain in contact with you throughout the entire design process to ensure the look and feel of your website are exactly what you have envisioned.

Our social media experts will ensure that your reach and engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms continually rise. We'll help you attract new customers and keep old ones loyal with beautiful branded content.

90% of people searching on Google don't look past the first page of results. We will get you to page one by improving your keywords and optimizing your website, driving traffic to your site and increasing your sales.

Lumient's SEO experts will improve your advertising strategy by optimizing and updating which keywords you target. Your improved PPC campaign is just a click away.

The relationship between us and our
clients is the key to success

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