Ace Fortress was a community focused on online gaming content and off-topic discussion. It was also a hub where content creators could share their files, projects, and videos.

Results at a glance

Monthly Hits for Ace Fortress


  • Revenue from website transactions increased almost 600%
  • Web traffic increased 976% year-over-year
  • Total hits across multiple platforms totalled over 100 million
  • Ace Fortress became the largest niche gaming community for that year, hosting the #1 most popular server

Engagement Goal

Many online communities are competing for select niche spots – consequently, it was imperative to differentiate Ace Fortress and build it as an authority over similar online communities. In 2012, we were tasked with two goals: 

  1. Increase organic traffic to the Ace Fortress website, and
  2. Build Ace Fortress as the go-to authority in online gaming communities.


The strategy employed to boost Ace Fortress from nothing to a massive website gathering millions of hits every month was done in three in-depth steps. 

  1. Build an SEO profile for the website and optimize it to receive a significant amount of traffic
  2. Create engaging content every week in the form of blog posts, tutorials, and videos
  3. Create a monetization strategy that yielded better user retention than every competing community


Lumient's content strategy contributed to significant traffic, revenue, and audience engagement boosts for Ace Fortress. The website was able to monetize a broader client base than most competing communities. As well, this traffic boost provided enough revenue and opportunity to spawn the creation of many charity events to help smaller communities get off the ground.

Update: As of 2014, due to unrelated problems with website management, Ace Fortress was shut down and later reopened years later under a new administration.